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Workplace Injuries Lawyer in Wichita

Hurt in the Workplace?

When you are hurt in the workplace, you will need to get compensation fast to deal with your medical bills and support your family.  You can seek compensation through two main routes.  The first is through Worker's Compensation and the second is a personal injury lawsuit against in the civil courts. These actions are complex and the assistance of an attorney is vital to help your claims go smoothly and identify all potential sources of compensation.  You are urged to contact a Wichita personal injury attorney experienced in workplace injuries.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a no-fault program.  It is necessary only to show that the injury was work-related and that there are actually injuries. Your attorney can assist you in preparing the claim so that all relevant information is supplied and then smoothing the way through the system.  First the claim goes through your employer to the Workers' Compensation insurance company.

If the company approves the claim, it will start paying your medical bills and sending you a monthly allowance for your living expenses.  If you are permanently disabled, a lump sum payoff amount may be negotiated.  If the insurance company disapproves the claim, your attorney will appeal it to the state Workers' Compensation agency for a hearing. Your attorney will appear with you and promote your claim for approval.

Wichita Workplace Injuries Attorney

 We at Rick Hodge, Attorney at Law aggressively represent clients who are suffering from workplace injuries in the Wichita, Kansas area.  When we take a case, we examine the injury from all angles to identify responsible parties.  We then help the client with their Workers' Compensation claim, getting the application filled out and then championing the claim as needed at hearings to get it approved.

 We also look for a way to maintain a personal injury claim for full damages including pain and suffering.  This could be a product liability claim against a manufacturer of defective equipment the client was working on or a claim against another company on the site who negligently injured the client. If the employer is guilty of intentional misconduct, even the employer is subject to a personal injury claim. Our purpose is that the client receives all possible compensation for his workplace injuries.

Contact a Workplace Injuries Lawyer in Wichita for a free consultation about your workplace injuries.

300 West Douglas Suite 145 Wichita, KS 67202

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